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GIG REVIEW: Split The Dealer at The Victoria, Dalston

Split The Dealer played a thrilling high-energy show of rap/rock/pop at the swanky bar-and-venue The Victoria in Dalston last week, throwing out new songs and classics alike.

Headlining the show at the trendy north-east London venue, Sam Brett (Split) took to the stage following performances from openers George Dewhurst and Longcoats on October 6.

The stage, positioned at the back of a not-so-hidden arena accessible only through a set of bookcases, was pitch dark as ominous bass synths played through the speakers.

The audience shrieked with anticipation until Split ran on stage, hurling an inflatable man and an inflatable zimmer frame into the crowd and bursting into the first song, with Rory and Harry on guitar and drums.

Sporting a mohawk, technicolour hoodie, and signature red gloves, Split ran through his high-intensity 45-minute set, featuring ‘Dirty Birdy’, ‘Chinchilla,’ and ‘Dreamstate’ - all of which switch between soulful pop singing and breakneck rock-rap.

Supporting rhythm guitarist Rory and drummer Harry held the chaos together, save for a brand-new stripped-back tune Tightrope where Harry hopped on the acoustic guitar half-way through the show.

After cheekily hinting at the adoring crowd for an encore - which was requested by his fans twice - Split closed the set with his latest synth-rock single 'Hard To Take'.

The 29-year-old and his band put on one hell of a show - Split’s charm, energy, musical talent, and songwriting abilities once again reeled in a dedicated crowd of followers to his big London gig this Autumn.

Speaking after the show, Sam said: “I’m exhausted but I'm buzzed, and It’s nice to be back in London.

“I wanted to put a couple new songs in - I wrote tightrope just a few weeks ago - and we played a few that are already out there, so people could sing along.

“It was nice to see some friendly faces tonight, and a few I hadn't seen before, vibing in the same place.

“The venue was amazing - We walked into the pub wondering where the stage would be, upstairs or downstairs or something.

“Then someone opened a book case and we walked through, and we knew it was going to be a sick night straight away."

You can hear Split The Dealer’s music on Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube.

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